Following the passage of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act in 2010, vocal republicans charged their fellow congressmen of misrepresenting the wishes of their constituents and complained of an influential liberal media bias in favor A.C.A.

I wanted to look into this, so I selected a dozen American cities and examined their leading news org’s media endorsement of A.C.A. Additionally, I plotted the votes of metro’s congressional representatives alongside the district’s expected leanings on the PVI scale.


In the following detail, we focus on the city of Sacramento, CA, whose residents vote roughly 15% more liberally than the U.S. average. We can see that Sacramento’s leading news org. (The Sacramento Bee) has published an editorial endorsing A.C.A. and that the congressman representing Sacramento in the U.S. House (a democrat) has voted to enact A.C.A. So in this example, both the Representative’s vote and the local media’s stance on A.C.A are consistent with the general politics of Sacramento:


* * *

Looking at a larger city like Seattle that has multiple congressional districts reveals a cross section of data: although the city is generally liberal, the most conservative district elected a republican representative who voted against A.C.A. along with a democrat representing a centrist district.